Who We Are

In an industry overdue for change, Fredric was founded with a desire to produce dynamic and engaging clothing with a focus on doing right by the environment. Fredric is based in Sydney and with 10 years industry experience wants to educate on conscious consumerism, reducing waste, and engaging in industry transparency. 

At Fredric, we believe in doing things differently: Going beyond ordinary to accomplish the unusual. We believe that fashion can be both fun and mindful, and we understand how the little things add up.

 Fashion shouldn’t mean choosing between looks and ethics. We aim to make sustainability our norm, in order to better ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Our Clothes

While many ‘sustainable’ brands on the market are classic and simple in style, Fredric is dynamic and playful. Our clothes are crafted for the ultimate girl who wants something exciting but doesn’t want to destroy the planet.

A few facts about our clothes:

  • Micro-launches: Every line is less than 10 pieces, and we produce them on a small-scale. This means more mindful design and production for us, and more mindful shopping for you. It also means that your Fredric clothing will feel that much more special, knowing that it’s not a mega fast-fashion piece that will be all over Instagram within a few days.
  • Locally-sourced fabrics: When sourcing our fabrics, we turn within our countries of production. This means a smaller carbon footprint by cutting back on unnecessary shipping of materials. All our woven fabrics are sourced and made in India, while our knitwear is sourced and made in China.
  • Empowerment: By shopping Fredric you know exactly what you’re buying into. In addition to one-of-a-kind clothing, you’re also contributing to an emerging side of the fashion industry — one in which we all take accountability for our actions and our planet. 

Our Planet

Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries, and we don’t think that’s okay. Everyone loves to look good, but we believe it’s time to step back and ask what the real cost is.

Fredric believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between style and sustainability.

Here are a few commitments we make to bettering the planet:

  • Sustainable materials: The materials used in Fredric’s clothing are all certified and approved organic or recyclable.
  • Sustainable packaging: Fredric’s packaging is plastic-free, recycled and recyclable.
  • Locally-produced fabric: Our locally-grown cotton means that fabrics don’t have to travel great distances in order to be manufactured. This hugely reduces our carbon footprint, making for minimal impact on the environment.
  • Limited Materials: In order to reduce waste, our factory in India only uses two fabrics. This means that offcuts and excess fabric from one garment can be easily repurposed to create another.
  • Limited launches: In an anti-fast-fashion move, we’ve decided to limit our lines to 10 or fewer products, while also limiting the number of units produced. This means less clothing ending up in landfills. It also means more unique pieces for you to wear and love!

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